Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tips To Consider When Moving

When thinking about relocating to a new place, the first thing that will automatically come into your mind is how you are going to move your belongings. This question is usually hard especially for those who have never moved before. Moving your belongings, especially the furniture requires utmost care to ensure that nothing is damaged. If one is not careful enough, they may end up destroying furniture worth a lot of money. Furniture is prone to scratches and damages if it is not handled with care. It is therefore crucial to ensure that you use the care that is needed when moving.

It is quite frustrating when you are unpacking furniture after a move to find dents and scratches all over. Some of the furniture might be in an already deplorable condition when you are moving. Without proper care of that piece of furniture, the situation will be exacerbated. You might break that weak shelf when you do not apply a lot of care. After it all, you might find that you are paying a lot in repairs. Worse still you may end up having to replace that piece of furniture. All this shows how important it is to apply utmost care when moving.

Now, having said all that, the big question remains, how can one move their furniture carefully so as to minimize damage to property? There are various steps that one might take to ensure that the property is safe from any damage. Some of these steps might be actually quite easy to carry out. In case you are moving to a new place in Singapore, you may want to consider the following steps so as to ensure that your property is safe during the move:

· Clear out everything
When it comes to moving, especially by road, there might be bumps and dents on the roads what might pretty shake up your furniture. If the shelves are left intact, this might result in them getting weakened. When moving, you should ensure that you clear out everything; remove all the shelves, remove all the things inside the kitchen cabinets and keep them safe. By so doing, you will be ensuring that the items and the shelves are all taken care of. This will also make the loading of the furniture into the trucks quite easy as they are lighter. During the way, there is a tendency of the furniture collecting some dust. If you have cleared everything, it becomes quite easy to dust and clean the furniture once you get to your destination.

· Pack them nicely
One of the worst mistakes that people make when they are moving is that they are not careful of how they pack the things in the truck. If the furniture is not carefully placed in the truck, this increases the chances of them getting harmed. When packing your property inside the truck, it is always good to ensure that they are well packed in the truck. Fitting them tightly together reduces the space between them which in turn reduces “play”. This ensures that the furniture does not “move about” during the move. This will decrease the chances of it getting knocked and banged on each other causing it to break.

Another thing, it is always important to carefully the furniture, the shelves, the beddings, your clothes and also shoes should be placed in large boxes and placed together. This helps reduce the number of trips you will make and therefore help cut on both time and resources. It also ensures that nothing is lost or forgotten during the move. When using the packing tapes, it is also good to ensure that they do not come into contact with the items that you are transporting as this might damage your furniture by leaving sticky marks behind.

· Pack them using moving blankets and packing tapes
There are different kinds of moving different kinds of wrapping tapes, sheets and moving blankets. The most important thing to ensure is that the property is well taken care of. Packing it carefully using the tapes and the blankets will reduce the risk of it getting damaged along the way. One should also ensure that they use the thicker moving blankets on the more delicate kind of furniture, for instance, glass tables, couches and the soft wood furniture. This will avoid possible damage and scratches. Again, avoid placing heavy items on top of others as this may make them break. The heavier items should always be packed first and the lighter ones placed on top of them.

· Consult a qualified mover
Moving is not an easy task. It requires a lot of experience to pack and move furniture in trucks. At times, one may lack the necessary skills to pack and load the furniture in trucks. While it might not be necessary to hire a whole moving company as it may be costly, you may want to have a worker from a reputable company in Singapore help you pack and load the furniture into the truck This will go a long way in ensuring that your property is well taken care of. Most of these people have been moving property for a long time. They therefore know what should go where. They also make the packing job quite easy and a learning experience for you. You should therefore consult them if you are not sure about your packing skills.

The above are some of the tips that any mover in Singapore can apply to ensure that the moving job is a success. The most important thing in any moving job is to ensure that the property gets to its destination without any harm whatsoever. This might require one to pay a little bit more to ensure that the furniture is safe. This is however nothing compared to the amount that one might spend in repairs and replacements when the property is destroyed during the move. One may also research on moving sites to learn more about should or should not be done when one is moving. There is a lot of information available on these sites.