Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Where Can I Rent Moving Lorry With Driver?

The most exciting experience is moving into a new home and more so to new office. It is a new phase in life as you are going to have experience with new neighbors and new location around. People moving into new homes, new offices or transporting equipments from place to place often ask where to find a lorry with a driver to help in the process of transportation that involve movement. House Mover Singapore takes care of moving the house furniture and office equipments. They have Lorries and trucks that are most convenient for the transportation when relocating to a new place and the lorry comes with company driver.

House Mover Singapore is a company that offers services that eases relocation to new areas and safety of facilities while in the course of transportation. They have professional surveyors who are well equipped and educated with exceptional skills to help in making decisions when in the process of relocating from a residential place. The House Mover Singapore staffs on the contrary, are much knowledgeable and the most important thing about them is that they are hard working, polite and very careful when handling goods and equipments that are being moved. The House Mover Singapore tends to offer all sorts of moving services, like moving pianos, safes,and also various organs. Some of the things that ought to be considered when relocating goods from one place to another by the aid of moving companies like HouseMover Singapore.

Packing and Removal

The members of a particular household carefully wrap and pack all the furniture to avoid unnecessary damage that might occur. In most cases the household goods, furniture and all equipments are packed and wrapped by a professional and in the end removes them as well. The
company will not be responsible if the goods are packed by owner also known as PBO. They will only insure goods if the company offers a professional, who packs, load and remove the goods from their lorry. The person who packs the goods must sign his name on the packed goods and equipments so that in case there is damage, the company knows who is responsible.


After every good has been packed and locked in the van, lorry or container then they are under the care of the driver and the person who is with the driver. Fragile goods should be handled with a lot of care and the driver must avoid rough driving. Crates made of wood are in most cases used when transporting heavy, bulky and odd shaped objects. Moving of old furniture into and out of the house is usually a big challenge since the body must be having weaker parts.


The cost of moving is determined by the weight of the goods, and in other cases by the distance between the places of movement. Heavy goods will cost higher amount than light ones and at the same time the cost will be even higher if the distance is longer. But at times the costs are offered at a flat rate where they do not consider distance or the weight of goods being moved.

Service Offered

The moving company provides the truck or lorry together with the driver. They also provide movers in place of trucks and Lorries on request. They have skilled personnel who deal with the needs of a
client. The services of offered by this moving company are relatively cheap since the client do not have to do any work. Considering what the company is going to offer you is much important since other moving companies will let the client do the loading and offloading. The company has the duty to organize and schedule the move in advance.

This gives you the best opportunity to prepare and get ready before the actual move. At House Mover Singapore the packaging of house equipments differs from packing of office supplies. Office supplies might be too tough and tiresome and involves heavy work as compared to moving from a residential place. For smooth and safer movement from residential places or office, original boxes are use to avoid unexpected breakage and damage that might result. The boxes, strings and crates that are used during the moving period are recycled for further use by the moving company.

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