Wednesday, 19 February 2014

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting House Moving Company

You have probably heard of the horror stories that are associated with moving. Stories such as the finding all your valuables have stolen, almost all the items that the truck was carrying have been broken or damaged and other horrifying stories. These horrors are real and should not be dismissed as mere bad luck. However, the good thing is that these horrific stories can be avoided very easily. Most of the people who tell you these stories could have avoided them had they been more  careful or paid attention to the details of the house moving company that they selected.

Below are 6 mistakes that you should always avoid when selecting a house moving company in Singapore;

1. Choosing A Moving Company That Is Less Than Reputable.
They say that reputation is everything and that is almost entirely true. When some people want to move they will select the first moving company that they come across. They will not take their time to carry out their on research on the company to check whether it meets certain regulations or bother to talk to people who have used the services of the moving company. If the company has no reputation it is probably because they offer poor services or they overcharge you. Before you select the moving company check with your friends who have used the company before. If none of your friends has you can check the internet for reviews about their services.

2. Not Asking For A Quote.

This may seem like an obvious thing to ask but a lot of people never ask for quotes when they are selecting moving companies. They just think that they will be charged a fairly reasonable amount for moving their items especially if they are not moving to a far way location. With many house moving companies there are usually very many hidden costs which you should inquire about before using their services. If you do not ask for a quote the house moving company will most likely overcharge you and include expenses they would not have included if you had asked for a quote before selecting them.

3. Poor Timing.
Moving house companies also have periods where they have a lot of clients who want to move. During this period the demand for their services is usually very high. If you decide to move during this period there is a very high probability that the charges will be very high. Try and select a moving company when you know very few people are moving since there will be less demand even the costs and charges that you incur will be lower.

4. Selecting A House Moving Company That Is 'Too Busy'

Some house companies are usually too busy. Here this simply means that their manpower and resources are a bit strained but they will still try and offer their services to as many people as they can. Selecting house moving companies of this type is a mistake that you should avoid. The workers who are responsible for carrying items to the truck may be overworked or they could simply be tired. When it is your turn to move they may be negligent and carefree since it is a task that is tiresome and boring. Their negligence may lead to most of your items getting damaged along the way.

5. Choosing A Moving Company Without Insurance.

When moving anything can happen since you can never be too careful. Selecting a company that does not offer insurance on your items is a risk that you should not be willing to take especially if the items that are being carried are valuable. Always select a company that will cover all your items. This will help protect you from any huge losses.

6. Inadequate Research.

Before you select a moving company you should know everything about all the moving companies around you. You should look at which companies offer the best deals, which company is always on time, which is the best company for moving a small number of items and so forth. When you have all this info at your fingertips the chances of you making a house moving mistake is almost non-existent. This is because you will know the good and the bad of each company and you will know which house moving company is best suited for you.

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