Saturday, 22 September 2012

Benefits Of Paying For Moving Service in Singapore

Benefits Of Paying For Moving Service in Singapore

Moving into a new house is exciting, after months of viewing houses and deciding on the renovation. But the process of moving bulky furniture, dozens of boxes and fragile ornaments can prove to be nightmarish if not done properly. This is where professional moving companies come in useful. For most of us, moving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we might be surprised and even overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done, but for experienced movers, it’s all in a day’s work and something they excel at.

Take for instance a piano, easily one of the most expensive and heaviest pieces of furniture in the home. It is nearly impossible to move it out the front door and into the lift by yourself, then do the reverse at your new home. On the other hand, a professional company will bubble-wrap the piano and skilfully manoeuvre it through doors and into lifts. Your furniture will also be transported safely in a truck, sparing you multiple car trips to and from your new house.

Before you move, the moving company will provide you with a ready supply of cardboard boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap and useful advice. These professionals know how to handle every eventuality and they are even prepared for it. You won’t get into trouble with the estate management for scratching the lift, because the professionals have got it covered, literally.

They will also do the heavyweight moving for you, so that all you have to do is pack the items into boxes and label which room each box is to be placed in. On moving day, all you need to do is direct the professionals as they work. Some companies even offer packing and unpacking services you can use if you are pressed for time.

The experts can handle it all. They will be able to move your chinaware across the country without breaking it. They will be able to carry your sofa up the stairs if you live in a walk-up apartment or you want it at the second floor. They will move everything quickly, carefully and efficiently.

Another advantage of hiring professional movers is that they can provide you with storage space while you’re between houses. If the lease on your old house is up but your new home isn’t ready, you can always keep your furniture and other household items in storage!      

Enlisting the help of professional movers is a good idea for anyone, from families with children to newlyweds. It makes the process less stressful physically and emotionally. Moving is an important event in your life but it should not be memorable for the wrong reasons. Instead of struggling to pack and move everything by yourself, why not leave it to the experts?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

What is Non-Binding Moving Estimate?

What is Non-Binding Estimate? (Moving Services)

Preparing to move into your new house? Well obviously the first step is to look for a moving company to transport all your household goods. After deciding on a moving company, the next step is to consider what kind of estimates they offer. Alternatively, you can compare the estimates the different moving companies offer. Usually there are two types of estimates, namely the Binding Estimate and the Non-Binding Estimate. From here onwards, we will explain what Non-Binding Estimate is.

A Non-Binding Estimate is a type of quotation by the moving company that does not bind you to any contract. The company will send their personnel down to take a look at your inventory and give a rough estimation of the weight of your items which is followed by prorating a price based on their experience. The moving company is not allowed to accept payment for providing a Non-Binding Estimate as it is not a contract unlike a Binding Estimate.

On the day when you move, the company movers will come down and measure the final weight which leads to final cost of the move. The catch to this is that the movers are not allowed to charge over hundred and ten percent of the original estimate provided you didn’t add more items to the inventory. Let’s say if you have to add items to your inventory at the last minute, the moving company will revise the Non-Binding Estimate and charge accordingly which will not exceed the 110 percent of the new estimate.

The good thing about the Non-Binding Estimate is that you have more flexibility when it comes to settling the move as you are able to change your inventory list till the moment of move. For the Binding Estimate, you have to agree on a contract between you and the company before the move. On the off side, the Non-Binding Estimate may vary due to the actual weight of the items. Whereas for the Binding Estimate, the price will be the same as the one agreed on the contract unless the rules on the contract are breached in one way or another.

Do take note that the weight of your inventory is not the only factor, as there are other factors to consider, like the services they provide like packing and wrapping of your fragile goods or the amount of distance travelled from your old house to the your new house. A good tip will be to read carefully the estimate written by the moving company to confirm the accuracy of their assessment of your inventory.

To hire moving services, Non-Binding Estimate is a flexible option which caters for people who are unable to commit to a contract. It has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are up for Non-Binding Estimate, the optimal option will be to select a few moving companies to call up and get a non-binding estimate from them. From there, you can choose the best pricing they offer. With this information, I hope you have gained more insight on how Non-Binding Estimates work.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

How Reliable it is to Move By Yourself?

How Reliable it is to Move By Yourself?

With new housing development projects on the rise and more young people moving out to stay away from the home that they grew up in, many would brush off the need to use professional movers as they think that they are young and fit. This is true if you have only a handful of furniture for a room, but what happens when the cards are turned on you and you have to move an entire house due to the en-bloc program or moving into a bigger apartment?

Do you really need professional movers or can you really do it yourself?
Here are some factors to consider.

Ask yourself if you have the ability to move it firstly. This includes logistics from man-power to a loading van to dollies and trolleys. This also covers your physical ability to carry the furniture up the stairs in case the lifts do break down. A professional mover would definitely have calculated this out over the years of experience in moving. They know just how big a loading van you need so that everything can be snuck and packed at the back of the truck to make it a one trip affair. The dollies and trolleys also provided by the company but it is really their expertise in conquering the deadly staircase that is an incredible feat.

One reason why many of us do not prefer a professional mover lies in the issue of trust. We are worried that the furniture maybe damaged or in the worst case scenario, missing after they collected the cash and left. It is understandable that the things in our house reflect who we are and just finding something is missing could be a real nightmare. This can all be avoided by sealing and labelling everything into boxes which ensure all the contents stay in one place. Next, never compromise on the extra fee you need to top up for insurance and loss compensation. This small amount of money not only gives you a peace of mind in the good time but also an assurance of repayment if something really goes horribly wrong.

And before you go about packing up your whole house and trying to move everything by yourself, ask yourself if you could fit the largest furniture in your home through the main door by yourself. This could be a problem for you but if you know how to disassemble everything it would prove to be an easier feat to accomplish. Remove all the drawers and empty your contents from your drawers and cupboard into boxes and the frame itself will be easier to move. For things like doors which may flip open when you are moving, have your hired hand film wrap the whole furniture up so that everything stays close.

It is also wise to note to label your boxes clearly so that you and the movers know just exactly where everything belongs in the new place. You would not like the situation of reaching your new house and finding your living room crammed to the brim with everything you brought just because you do not know where everything should go and instead assign random spots in the available room to place everything down.