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HOUSE MOVING: What if one of your staff breaks something?

HOUSE MOVING: What if one of your mover breaks something?

House moving is no easy task; many people involved and sometimes accidents may not be avoidable easily. Fragile items not clearly marked on boxes may be mistaken and not handled with tender care; narrow passages occur somewhere that causes moving bulky items a challenge to movers; miscommunication between movers or movers and house owner, etc. Even all precautionary steps have been taken but still there are unpredictable incidents happen. How do we deal with this sort of situation when things like that do happen?

First of all, we will evaluate the cost of damages, and we will also get back to the owner of the house as soon as possible the outcome of it either by phone or by email. If our customer is not satisfied with our evaluation, we will look into other possibilities to settle it and as the motto says, “customer is always correct” and we do take that seriously in order to retain our clientele favorably.

Of course we try our best briefing our movers all safety precautions before carrying out our tasks. If misfortune incidents do happen, we will bear the responsibility of compensating the owner but we also seek the house owner’s understanding that certain situations like errors done by the owner’s side may have to be taken into consideration. We will check that the packaging is sealed properly before moving each time; however, if the items carried are overweight, boxes do break open while moving them. Liquid bottles like wine or medicine packed in boxes, can cause breakages and soften the boxes that will lead to unnecessary losses while moving them.

Our movers are trained to deal with situations like all the above cases and we also look into other scenarios that are foreseeable. We realize each time when we move each box, some of the things inside could be costly. Thus we treat your belongings as if they are ours to ensure that handling of them can be as safe as possible. We always bear that in mind to ensure customer satisfaction.
We have our company policy dealing with damages but we understand that in some cases we have to tweak a bit to compromise and we certainly will not blame our customers for any unforeseen circumstances.

Rest assured that this kind of incident can hardly happen for our experienced movers. If you are not certain about it, we can always do the packaging for you so that the responsibility will be solely on us unless there are other factors happen at the spot.

To summarize it, we first will check the seriousness of the damages, then we will assess the cost of it and if we feel that our mover has carelessly caused the problem, we will not hesitate to compensate the house owner. Although sometimes the damages may not be as clear to trace the fault of it, we sincerely hope that such matters can be dealt with in a win-win situation always.

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