Saturday, 28 July 2012

House Moving Tips in Singapore

Some House Moving Tips

Did you know that moving house is said to be the second most stressful event after losing a loved one? All that sorting, packing, cleaning and assembling can take a toll on one’s sanity. It is likely that each of us will find ourselves moving more than a couple of times in our lifetimes. Gone are the days where families just settle in one house for their entire lifetime. Here are some tips that will help make residential moving a smooth transit for your family into the new home.

Do not make packing a last minute affair as it is the most crucial process that will determine the ease of the moving process. Be sure to have the following tools and packing materials on-hand: Industrial cling wrap, bubble wrap (newspapers are a good and cheap alternative), masking tape, duct tape and plenty of scissors and pen knifes. One should purchase standard-sized cardboard boxes from moving companies. Those that one gets from the backyard of supermarkets might be too flimsy after having gone through so much wear and tear. Get sturdy moving boxes so that you do not have to worry about your items falling out.

The rule of thumb is to pack room by room. Be sure to label the boxes clearly for ease of reference later on so that the movers know which room the box is to go to. Take the opportunity of packing to spring clean and throw out unnecessary items that have been cluttering up over the years.

The second most important thing about moving is the transportation of the boxes and furniture. Unless you own a mini-van and coach a squad of rugby players that are willing to help you with the moving, it is best to hire the professionals to settle this part. Professional movers have the necessary tools to disassemble bulky furniture like shelves and bedposts. They can take it apart and put it back together for you in the time you take to find the instruction manual on how to disassemble your sofa piece. They are also able to navigate stairwells and small lifts with much skill while carrying a mattress in one hand and a sofa in the other.

While many of us will end up straining our backs just trying to lift a box filled with books, these professional movers are well-accustomed to the heavy weight they have to carry and know how to move your bulky furniture with care. They will also come armed with tons of industrial cling wrap and bubble wrap to ensure that your furniture does not get scratched during the moving process.

The moving process today has been made much simpler with the blossoming of the professional movers industry. Some professional movers even offer packing services so that you do not have to lift a single finger at all. Moving can be a stress-free experience with the right moving company. Be sure to get a few recommendations from friends and families and a few quotations from different companies before deciding on one.

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