Saturday, 30 June 2012

Why Use Professional Movers Rather than DIY Moving?

Why Use Professional Movers Rather than DIY Moving?

A new house is always promising, especially if you are moving into one that is bigger and more convenient. Moving can be difficult and before you jump on the bandwagon of asking your friends to help you to move, here are some benefits that might just tip the scale in the favour of a professional mover.

Trust is usually the first concern. Put that aside by looking out for moving companies that offer insurance for your good and try to get a comprehensive package which covers everything.

The next biggest concern would definitely be price. If I did get my friends to help me, it will be cost-saving! Unless your friends are professional movers, this move could set some back with muscle aches and bruises for a couple of weeks. And a visit to the doctor isn’t cheap.

A great benefit of a mover is punctuality. Don’t you have a friend that always arrives late? Being timely is a trait that comes to us at will, especially when it comes down to work.

Before the day of the move itself, pack your things according to the room that the items are going to go into for your new house. Label everything carefully and get your movers familiar with these labels. Most movers also offer cardboard boxes along as a package so use those boxes to pack your things up.

Another great help is how they maximize the door space you have. A broad sofa through the door is simply just another day for them. You will be surprised how fast things move when you have only 1 person in the house and everyone downstairs waiting for the goods to load up. It frees up ample space for them to move around the room to better shift your things out.

Ever see your friends walking up and down those stairs when the lift is under maintenance? These movers have the resilience and tenacity to keep pushing on with a clear head and require little rest points unlike office Joe who works all day in the office. It is a nice gesture if you could offer them water as this will show just how accommodating you are and who knows, a discount or a speedier move than you what you expect?

What you will love about movers is how they manage space in their truck. While half the crew is upstairs shifting everything down, a small team is maximizing the truck for your goods. What will take friends roughly 4-5 trips to and fro can be cut down to less than 2 trips usually for these movers.

As you arrived at your new home, have just one person to be up in the new apartment directing where things should go for the same reason as mentioned earlier; space. So the next time you need to move your house, seek your local moving company and save both time and trouble. Instead, focus rather on planning that housewarming party that is coming up.

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