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Things To Look Out For A Professional House Moving Company

Choosing A Relocation Company

Choosing to relocate to a new place can be both exciting and exhausting. Uprooting an entire household to plant in a new neighborhood is no less of a job. Fortunately one does not have to do it by oneself. There are several companies, big and small that offer relocation services. They take care of the entire relocation process and employ professionals to do the job so that the entire relocation process becomes really smooth.

Making the Choice

So what are really the criteria for determining which company to choose for relocating? The choice might be more difficult than it looks. There are a huge lot of companies that offer these services but one has to research a bit to find out the company whose services best match one’s own requirements and specifications.

Accreditation is the first thing that one needs to ascertain about the company. There are several quality standards in different countries around the world which are awarded to the proper companies. They determine the quality standards that a company delivers in its services. So accreditation is a must. There are also some reputed organizations such as the British Association of Movers and International Association of Movers. Whether the company is a member or not might speak of its credibility.

Consistency in the quality of service throughout is a must. The quality at the departure must be matched at the arrival. To ensure that this happens, it is preferable to choose a company which has a wide base of service so that it is able to provide the same service at departures that it does in arrivals and vice versa.

Quality of Staff
The quality of the working staff is something that is to be considered. How good or how much expertise do the staff has, how professional they are and how much experience they have. All these have to be taken into account.

Quality of Material
The packing material that is to be used in the packing of different things has to have a good quality. The goods that are being transported are very likely to have a high monetary value and if not monetary then a high personal value at least. It is of prime importance that the goods do not get damaged in any way during the transportation process. So the good quality of the packing material is a necessity.

Safety is an absolute must. It has to be seen whether the company engaged employs the correct safety measures or not. Often the goods have to be stored in the company’s warehouses in the interim. The warehouses or the other storage sites should be equipped with the proper safety measures.

The company has to be solvent. A financially insolvent company is always exposed to risks and there is no telling when it may stop functioning and be dissolved. So it is preferable if one enlists the services of a solvent company.

All these considerations taken into account will lead to the correct decision regarding a relocation company.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Benefits Of Paying For Moving Service in Singapore

Benefits Of Paying For Moving Service in Singapore

Moving into a new house is exciting, after months of viewing houses and deciding on the renovation. But the process of moving bulky furniture, dozens of boxes and fragile ornaments can prove to be nightmarish if not done properly. This is where professional moving companies come in useful. For most of us, moving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we might be surprised and even overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done, but for experienced movers, it’s all in a day’s work and something they excel at.

Take for instance a piano, easily one of the most expensive and heaviest pieces of furniture in the home. It is nearly impossible to move it out the front door and into the lift by yourself, then do the reverse at your new home. On the other hand, a professional company will bubble-wrap the piano and skilfully manoeuvre it through doors and into lifts. Your furniture will also be transported safely in a truck, sparing you multiple car trips to and from your new house.

Before you move, the moving company will provide you with a ready supply of cardboard boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap and useful advice. These professionals know how to handle every eventuality and they are even prepared for it. You won’t get into trouble with the estate management for scratching the lift, because the professionals have got it covered, literally.

They will also do the heavyweight moving for you, so that all you have to do is pack the items into boxes and label which room each box is to be placed in. On moving day, all you need to do is direct the professionals as they work. Some companies even offer packing and unpacking services you can use if you are pressed for time.

The experts can handle it all. They will be able to move your chinaware across the country without breaking it. They will be able to carry your sofa up the stairs if you live in a walk-up apartment or you want it at the second floor. They will move everything quickly, carefully and efficiently.

Another advantage of hiring professional movers is that they can provide you with storage space while you’re between houses. If the lease on your old house is up but your new home isn’t ready, you can always keep your furniture and other household items in storage!      

Enlisting the help of professional movers is a good idea for anyone, from families with children to newlyweds. It makes the process less stressful physically and emotionally. Moving is an important event in your life but it should not be memorable for the wrong reasons. Instead of struggling to pack and move everything by yourself, why not leave it to the experts?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

What is Non-Binding Moving Estimate?

What is Non-Binding Estimate? (Moving Services)

Preparing to move into your new house? Well obviously the first step is to look for a moving company to transport all your household goods. After deciding on a moving company, the next step is to consider what kind of estimates they offer. Alternatively, you can compare the estimates the different moving companies offer. Usually there are two types of estimates, namely the Binding Estimate and the Non-Binding Estimate. From here onwards, we will explain what Non-Binding Estimate is.

A Non-Binding Estimate is a type of quotation by the moving company that does not bind you to any contract. The company will send their personnel down to take a look at your inventory and give a rough estimation of the weight of your items which is followed by prorating a price based on their experience. The moving company is not allowed to accept payment for providing a Non-Binding Estimate as it is not a contract unlike a Binding Estimate.

On the day when you move, the company movers will come down and measure the final weight which leads to final cost of the move. The catch to this is that the movers are not allowed to charge over hundred and ten percent of the original estimate provided you didn’t add more items to the inventory. Let’s say if you have to add items to your inventory at the last minute, the moving company will revise the Non-Binding Estimate and charge accordingly which will not exceed the 110 percent of the new estimate.

The good thing about the Non-Binding Estimate is that you have more flexibility when it comes to settling the move as you are able to change your inventory list till the moment of move. For the Binding Estimate, you have to agree on a contract between you and the company before the move. On the off side, the Non-Binding Estimate may vary due to the actual weight of the items. Whereas for the Binding Estimate, the price will be the same as the one agreed on the contract unless the rules on the contract are breached in one way or another.

Do take note that the weight of your inventory is not the only factor, as there are other factors to consider, like the services they provide like packing and wrapping of your fragile goods or the amount of distance travelled from your old house to the your new house. A good tip will be to read carefully the estimate written by the moving company to confirm the accuracy of their assessment of your inventory.

To hire moving services, Non-Binding Estimate is a flexible option which caters for people who are unable to commit to a contract. It has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are up for Non-Binding Estimate, the optimal option will be to select a few moving companies to call up and get a non-binding estimate from them. From there, you can choose the best pricing they offer. With this information, I hope you have gained more insight on how Non-Binding Estimates work.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

How Reliable it is to Move By Yourself?

How Reliable it is to Move By Yourself?

With new housing development projects on the rise and more young people moving out to stay away from the home that they grew up in, many would brush off the need to use professional movers as they think that they are young and fit. This is true if you have only a handful of furniture for a room, but what happens when the cards are turned on you and you have to move an entire house due to the en-bloc program or moving into a bigger apartment?

Do you really need professional movers or can you really do it yourself?
Here are some factors to consider.

Ask yourself if you have the ability to move it firstly. This includes logistics from man-power to a loading van to dollies and trolleys. This also covers your physical ability to carry the furniture up the stairs in case the lifts do break down. A professional mover would definitely have calculated this out over the years of experience in moving. They know just how big a loading van you need so that everything can be snuck and packed at the back of the truck to make it a one trip affair. The dollies and trolleys also provided by the company but it is really their expertise in conquering the deadly staircase that is an incredible feat.

One reason why many of us do not prefer a professional mover lies in the issue of trust. We are worried that the furniture maybe damaged or in the worst case scenario, missing after they collected the cash and left. It is understandable that the things in our house reflect who we are and just finding something is missing could be a real nightmare. This can all be avoided by sealing and labelling everything into boxes which ensure all the contents stay in one place. Next, never compromise on the extra fee you need to top up for insurance and loss compensation. This small amount of money not only gives you a peace of mind in the good time but also an assurance of repayment if something really goes horribly wrong.

And before you go about packing up your whole house and trying to move everything by yourself, ask yourself if you could fit the largest furniture in your home through the main door by yourself. This could be a problem for you but if you know how to disassemble everything it would prove to be an easier feat to accomplish. Remove all the drawers and empty your contents from your drawers and cupboard into boxes and the frame itself will be easier to move. For things like doors which may flip open when you are moving, have your hired hand film wrap the whole furniture up so that everything stays close.

It is also wise to note to label your boxes clearly so that you and the movers know just exactly where everything belongs in the new place. You would not like the situation of reaching your new house and finding your living room crammed to the brim with everything you brought just because you do not know where everything should go and instead assign random spots in the available room to place everything down.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

HOUSE MOVING: What if one of your staff breaks something?

HOUSE MOVING: What if one of your mover breaks something?

House moving is no easy task; many people involved and sometimes accidents may not be avoidable easily. Fragile items not clearly marked on boxes may be mistaken and not handled with tender care; narrow passages occur somewhere that causes moving bulky items a challenge to movers; miscommunication between movers or movers and house owner, etc. Even all precautionary steps have been taken but still there are unpredictable incidents happen. How do we deal with this sort of situation when things like that do happen?

First of all, we will evaluate the cost of damages, and we will also get back to the owner of the house as soon as possible the outcome of it either by phone or by email. If our customer is not satisfied with our evaluation, we will look into other possibilities to settle it and as the motto says, “customer is always correct” and we do take that seriously in order to retain our clientele favorably.

Of course we try our best briefing our movers all safety precautions before carrying out our tasks. If misfortune incidents do happen, we will bear the responsibility of compensating the owner but we also seek the house owner’s understanding that certain situations like errors done by the owner’s side may have to be taken into consideration. We will check that the packaging is sealed properly before moving each time; however, if the items carried are overweight, boxes do break open while moving them. Liquid bottles like wine or medicine packed in boxes, can cause breakages and soften the boxes that will lead to unnecessary losses while moving them.

Our movers are trained to deal with situations like all the above cases and we also look into other scenarios that are foreseeable. We realize each time when we move each box, some of the things inside could be costly. Thus we treat your belongings as if they are ours to ensure that handling of them can be as safe as possible. We always bear that in mind to ensure customer satisfaction.
We have our company policy dealing with damages but we understand that in some cases we have to tweak a bit to compromise and we certainly will not blame our customers for any unforeseen circumstances.

Rest assured that this kind of incident can hardly happen for our experienced movers. If you are not certain about it, we can always do the packaging for you so that the responsibility will be solely on us unless there are other factors happen at the spot.

To summarize it, we first will check the seriousness of the damages, then we will assess the cost of it and if we feel that our mover has carelessly caused the problem, we will not hesitate to compensate the house owner. Although sometimes the damages may not be as clear to trace the fault of it, we sincerely hope that such matters can be dealt with in a win-win situation always.

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

House Moving Tips in Singapore

Some House Moving Tips

Did you know that moving house is said to be the second most stressful event after losing a loved one? All that sorting, packing, cleaning and assembling can take a toll on one’s sanity. It is likely that each of us will find ourselves moving more than a couple of times in our lifetimes. Gone are the days where families just settle in one house for their entire lifetime. Here are some tips that will help make residential moving a smooth transit for your family into the new home.

Do not make packing a last minute affair as it is the most crucial process that will determine the ease of the moving process. Be sure to have the following tools and packing materials on-hand: Industrial cling wrap, bubble wrap (newspapers are a good and cheap alternative), masking tape, duct tape and plenty of scissors and pen knifes. One should purchase standard-sized cardboard boxes from moving companies. Those that one gets from the backyard of supermarkets might be too flimsy after having gone through so much wear and tear. Get sturdy moving boxes so that you do not have to worry about your items falling out.

The rule of thumb is to pack room by room. Be sure to label the boxes clearly for ease of reference later on so that the movers know which room the box is to go to. Take the opportunity of packing to spring clean and throw out unnecessary items that have been cluttering up over the years.

The second most important thing about moving is the transportation of the boxes and furniture. Unless you own a mini-van and coach a squad of rugby players that are willing to help you with the moving, it is best to hire the professionals to settle this part. Professional movers have the necessary tools to disassemble bulky furniture like shelves and bedposts. They can take it apart and put it back together for you in the time you take to find the instruction manual on how to disassemble your sofa piece. They are also able to navigate stairwells and small lifts with much skill while carrying a mattress in one hand and a sofa in the other.

While many of us will end up straining our backs just trying to lift a box filled with books, these professional movers are well-accustomed to the heavy weight they have to carry and know how to move your bulky furniture with care. They will also come armed with tons of industrial cling wrap and bubble wrap to ensure that your furniture does not get scratched during the moving process.

The moving process today has been made much simpler with the blossoming of the professional movers industry. Some professional movers even offer packing services so that you do not have to lift a single finger at all. Moving can be a stress-free experience with the right moving company. Be sure to get a few recommendations from friends and families and a few quotations from different companies before deciding on one.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How to Choose the Right Office Mover Company?

How to Choose the Right Office Mover Company?

It is a nightmare whenever your employer decides to re-locate to another site. As you would have to stay behind each day to sort out the files and documents that you have accumulated over the years and having to decide whether to discard or pack them and move them to the new office.  How should you pack them such that confidential information would not be leaked, and you can’t move them yourself earlier as there are many current working files?  What if you are in charge of IT equipment, how could you plan to move so that they are transported safely to the new location?  And if you are in charge of the overall move for the office, what should you do?

You can enlist the help of professional mover companies!  They can advise on how to plan, co-ordinate and execute the move, with minimal disruption to the business activities. Besides providing consultancy services, these mover companies will provide the transport and manpower to move whatever required of them.  These professionals will provide the relevant expertise, equipment, boxes and materials to ensure files, documents, office equipment, furniture and any fragile items are properly taken care of.  For example, they will provide proper materials (companies may charge for materials) to pad relevant items, if necessary to avoid damage and also to use the correct equipment for transporting and loading them into the truck. 

When choosing a mover company, you need to know your needs before shortlisting any.  You can seek out these mover companies through words of mouth or via the net.  Gathering information from friends / colleagues, what is written on the website and by calling them directly will help to determine if they meet your needs, you can then short list the 3 to 5 mover companies that you would like to meet in person.  They will survey your office before providing the quote and when you are meeting the representative from the company, you can also make a quick assessment of their service; including how generous and brilliant they are in giving advice to your concerns.

Once the 3 to 5 mover companies have given their quotes, they shall be listed in the decision matrix.  The next step is to list the criteria for choosing the ideal mover companies.  These criteria shall include, cost, as quoted by each mover company.  Other criteria include the size of the truck. If there are special requirements, then this criterion should be included eg the need of ensuring confidentiality of files / computer / discs / documents during the move or be able to take special care of unique equipment.  Further, the ability to provide sound advice on planning, co-coordinating and executing the move in an efficient and timely manner must be included. A criterion of being highly recommended by other companies, friends, colleagues should also be considered.

Once you have finalized the criteria, rank each mover company according to how best each meet the criteria, scoring a 1 ie ranked first, for the mover company that best meets the criterion and rank last ie 5, if 5 companies are shortlisted, for the mover company that least meets the criterion.  Once ranking has been completed, total up the score for each company.  The mover company that has the lowest cumulative score is ranked first overall and is the best-balanced choice.  Before signing the contract with them, it is wise to have another discussion with the mover company; including visiting the company to ascertain that your needs will be met so that the co-ordination of the move is a smooth and successful one.  

Thursday, 12 July 2012

How To Allocate How Many Movers We Need When Moving To a New House?

How To Allocate How Many Movers We Need When Moving To a New House?

Moving to a new house is an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting because of the many decisions that need to be made, for example, whether to hire professional movers or not, which company to hire, how many movers to book and many more. A professional moving company will be there to assist you with this, as they are able to send sufficient movers to help you based on
experience. But if you choose to hire independent movers, how many should you book?    

Independent movers are movers which do not belong specifically to a company, rather they are freelance movers who are called in when the company receives a call. Such companies will only provide you with the manpower to load and unload the truck, leaving you to settle the rest, including the truck. It might be cheaper to hire independent movers if you can rent the truck separately at a lower rate. You can also hire these movers directly, saving on the company’s middleman costs. 

There are several things you have to consider when deciding how many movers is required to move. Here is a quick checklist to help you decide:

1.    What is your budget? You have to work out how much you want to spend on hiring movers, and then call up companies for quotations before you decide how many movers you can afford.

2.    When are you moving?
During peak seasons like the New Year, many people prefer not to work, so if you simply have to move during that period, you might not find as many movers, and you may incur higher costs which could mean your budget cannot accommodate as many movers. Call ahead of time to check with the company.

3.    Do you have friends and relatives to help you move? Having people willing to help you out would mean you need to hire fewer paid movers. You should also ensure that the movers you hire are reliable and will turn up, so you do not have to hire back-ups to replace them.

4.    How long have you lived in your current home? The longer you have lived there, the more things you are likely to have accumulated and you will then need to hire more movers. Get the company to send a representative to your home and give you an estimate of the number of workers they will need to send on moving day. You could do this after you finish packing your belongings into boxes.

5.    What kind of furniture do you have? Do you have a piano or other bulky furniture that needs to be handled carefully? If so, you might need extra manpower, or even consider hiring specialist movers for these items for your peace of mind.

6.    What type of house are you moving to? Or what type of house are you currently living in? If you need the movers to use the lift or stairs to reach your home, or you live in a double-storey house, there will be more moving involved and you might want to hire more movers to get the work done faster. If you are moving to a hostel, 2 movers might be enough. But if you are moving to a landed property, you would probably need 6. Again, you could consult the moving company for advice, which they should be willing to provide.

7.    How does the company charge? Some charge less if you do your own packing, so you could save if you have the time to do it yourself and hire them only for the moving. You should also find out if the company charges by the hour or by the worker, what the minimum hours are, and how much the additional charges will be should you need additional time to complete the move.

For example, depending on how the pricing system works, it might be cheaper to hire two workers for the minimum 3 hour block and then pay them for an additional hour to complete the move, as compared to hiring three workers for 3 hours. The reverse might also be true, depending on the policies of the company. You would then have to decide if you would rather spend more time or money on the move.

The above checklist should be a rough guide for you, but if you are in doubt, it is always good to consult the moving company as they would know best.

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What Insurance Does House Moving Company Provide?

What Insurance Does House Moving Company Provide?

House Moving is a huge responsibility, as many valuable items from your home are handled, packed and carried out from point A to point B. Anyone and everyone who has moved, knows it is hard to deal with personal items that are fragile, expensive, massive so on and so forth. So when one has such many times, they would not only hire a trusted and professional moving company, the clients would definitely want to know what insurance/s does the house moving company provide, for the best and maximum coverage for those items they want and need to be insured for.

Although professional movers are liable to what happens to your goods, please read through carefully and determine with the house moving company the extent of liability coverage for goods lost and damage, that the company will provide. While reading the terms and conditions properly, also determine the estimated value of your possessions. Clients have to understand and realize that the insurance provided by the house moving company only covers a certain amount of the total value of your goods. And that is why you will need to get the right or additional insurance/s to be fully covered.

Clients would then want to know what insurance/s does the house moving company offers. Insurance that is available through the mover is based on estimation/valuation, that method will determine the obligation by you and the house moving company. Normally there are three types of valuation for the client to consider. Different companies provide different types of insurance.

First, declared value, how that works is that the estimated cost of your things you move may be based the total weight being moved times by a certain amount (maybe $1.50) per kilogram/pound. So for example, if the client’s total possessions weighs in about 5000 KGS , the house moving company would be liable about up to $7,500 (when calculated). Please note this is a rough estimation, it all still depends the situation. The claim settlement will be then based the decrease value of item/s damaged or lost.

Second type would be lump sum value. If the client needs insurance that is based more according to the value than rather on weight, they can get insurance for the particular amount, however the amount is variable dependent on the insurance that is purchased or provide by the house moving company. In such cases the client must know the value of their items that is being moved and declare in writing on the bill of lading.

Thirdly, comes the most coverage desired, which is the full value protection. This kind of coverage includes, destroyed, damaged and loss of goods. This insurance will reimburse the repair or substitution of client’s item/s. Bear in mind, there is a minimum coverage amount from the house moving company and includes relevant deductibles.

Clients can also use homeowners insurance or transit insurance as a supplement. Most homeowner’s insurance policies covers about 10 percent of value of the client’s personal possessions, and can be a good supplement to the insurance provided by the house moving company. Next will be the transit insurance, which is also another worthwhile supplement provided, this coverage can save a client thousands of dollars and is normally available through the house moving company or through the homeowner’s insurance company.

Please remember if you are moving irreplaceable, top valued items, you the client should consider taking special measures in insuring the safety and protecting such items. Clients would be highly advised to buy additional insurance or coverage, which is available by speaking to the house moving or homeowner’s insurance companies.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Why Use Professional Movers Rather than DIY Moving?

Why Use Professional Movers Rather than DIY Moving?

A new house is always promising, especially if you are moving into one that is bigger and more convenient. Moving can be difficult and before you jump on the bandwagon of asking your friends to help you to move, here are some benefits that might just tip the scale in the favour of a professional mover.

Trust is usually the first concern. Put that aside by looking out for moving companies that offer insurance for your good and try to get a comprehensive package which covers everything.

The next biggest concern would definitely be price. If I did get my friends to help me, it will be cost-saving! Unless your friends are professional movers, this move could set some back with muscle aches and bruises for a couple of weeks. And a visit to the doctor isn’t cheap.

A great benefit of a mover is punctuality. Don’t you have a friend that always arrives late? Being timely is a trait that comes to us at will, especially when it comes down to work.

Before the day of the move itself, pack your things according to the room that the items are going to go into for your new house. Label everything carefully and get your movers familiar with these labels. Most movers also offer cardboard boxes along as a package so use those boxes to pack your things up.

Another great help is how they maximize the door space you have. A broad sofa through the door is simply just another day for them. You will be surprised how fast things move when you have only 1 person in the house and everyone downstairs waiting for the goods to load up. It frees up ample space for them to move around the room to better shift your things out.

Ever see your friends walking up and down those stairs when the lift is under maintenance? These movers have the resilience and tenacity to keep pushing on with a clear head and require little rest points unlike office Joe who works all day in the office. It is a nice gesture if you could offer them water as this will show just how accommodating you are and who knows, a discount or a speedier move than you what you expect?

What you will love about movers is how they manage space in their truck. While half the crew is upstairs shifting everything down, a small team is maximizing the truck for your goods. What will take friends roughly 4-5 trips to and fro can be cut down to less than 2 trips usually for these movers.

As you arrived at your new home, have just one person to be up in the new apartment directing where things should go for the same reason as mentioned earlier; space. So the next time you need to move your house, seek your local moving company and save both time and trouble. Instead, focus rather on planning that housewarming party that is coming up.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How To Select A Mover Company

How to select a reliable movers in Singapore

Choosing a reliable moving company isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Moving is a major hefty responsibility which might require professional movers. In today’s market, there are many plenty of movers available at your request but one is still required to research for an established and reputable company before finalizing.

It is still advisable to search and seek help from movers are reliable, legitimate and have valid moving license. You can demand for their license and if they do not want to show it to you, DO NOT HIRE THEM! You may end up paying more than you expected if you engage them although engaging them at a lower price. No one is able to insured you when things are not in perfect condition.
By engaging a professional company to assist you is beneficial as they already have the equipment and vehicles to move your items in an effective and efficient way. You can also choose to move it on your own by borrowing vehicles and equipment, it will take a long time and overall, your moving may be not successful!

Everyone wants their items and furniture to be moved safety and everything is in its perfect condition. The prices & rates may varies depending on various factors such as the amount of items, level of difficulties, stairs involved and etc. After narrowing down a few companies that suits you best, call and find out more about these companies and inform them when your desired moving date is. You will be able to compare between these companies and select the best company to assist you.
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